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Trash Pack Sewer DumpItem No: 68158

Trash Pack Sewer Dump

Make way for the biggest, baddest and most ultimate Trash Pack playset to date, the Trash Pack's Sewer Dump Playset! Launch, Lift, Smash and Flush your Trashies using the fun buttons and pulleys! Slide your Trashies down the cool slide and straight into the sickly ooze pit or use the awesome zipline and crash your trash! The Sewer Dump can be played on its own or with other Trashie vehicles like the Garbage Truck! With storage for all your favorite Trashies, there's dump-loads of fun to be had! Comes with four exclusive Trashies.

1 X Trash Mountain Playset
4 X Exclusive Trashies
1 X Ooze Pack

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