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Glitzi Globes 3pk - Party GlobesItem No: 12005

Glitzi Globes 3pk - Party Globes

Inspired by popular favourites and super cool stylin' comes the cutest, collectible DIY snowglobes around. With Glitzi Globes you can create your very own adorable glitter globes to pop, swap, share and wear. There are six themes and 18 characters to collect. 

3 x Clear Domes
3 x Base Plates
3 x Characters
9 x Deco Shapes
4 x Glitter Tablets
1 x Shaker Stick
3 x Glitzi Bases
1 x Dome Maker Blister
1 x Instruction Booklet

Assortment of 6: 
Jungle Globes, 
Ocean Globes, 
Fantasy Globes, 
Carnival Globes, 
Princess Globes,
Party Globes
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